4 Important Notes When Buying Old Mountain Bike

The innovation of using sports mountain bikes to participate in the trip or short backpacking to workout, as well as relax on the weekends is increasingly popular. Hence, the need to own a mountain bike fit (especially former sport bike) become increasingly accordingly. This article will give some tips about diamondback sorrento review to help you choose the used mountain bike, which suits you.† To get an old sport mountain bike, it requires the buyer of patience and a little knowledge of this vehicle. Here are some suggestions.

  • In Accordance With The Intended Use

Currently, on the market have a lot of different types of bikes to choose from. Depending on the style and purpose that each buyer can ask the sales staff consultation to get the right choice for the appropriate vehicles. Generally, there are three lines of sport bikes, which are most commonly used today including:

  1. Road bike: This is the traditional bicycle designed to run on a flat road surface, pavement or beautiful as paved roads. This vehicle can be used to work or exercise The bike has the advantage of speed, but it does not go too fast in bad roads, bumpy, especially, the driver must be careful during rain because the bike is very easy to slip. Also, this type of casing and tires are very thin and easily damaged when encountered obstacles.
  2. Mountain bikes: Contrary to the line road bike, mountain bikes are designed to run on rough surfaces, uneven as rocks, roots, which are appropriate to go through the forest, trails, mountain passes. The advantage of this type of bike is good shock resistant and durable thanks to spikes grip tires and the maximum to reduce the problem to the lack of a flat tire. However, when using this type of bike, it requires the driver to have some of the skills needed to avoid obstacles. In addition, the relative weight of heavy vehicles makes users have to spend a lot of effort.
  3. Touring / hybrid bike: This type of vehicle neutralizes characteristics of two vehicles on: Lighter, faster surfing and the ability to move well on the road is not smooth. This vehicle is suitable for traveling, backpacking over long distances due to the comfort brought by designing comfortable sitting position. In addition, the wheel design is suitable for heavy duty, rugged chassis, lightweight and long blow to the bikeriage of luggage is not entangled.
  • Consistent Budget

If you want to own a cheap used sports mountain bike, the acquisition is a logical choice. However on the market today, old sport bike has a lot of different prices depending on the type, brand and configuration of the bike. So, before you decide to own a bike, buyers should carefully consider many factors such as the purpose of use, frequency of the ride, the bike structure to appreciate the budget for the purchase of vehicles. Do not spend too much to own a mountain bike without the need to use regular or wrong because the original purpose might give rise to other types of costs for maintenance, or repair later.

  • Check The Bike

Before deciding to buy an old sports mountain bike, you should check bikeefully the parts on the bike as the tires wear, the wheels turning smoothly, brake† to make sure the parts are new and good operation. You should bring along a friend or someone with knowledge and experience on the sport bike line to consult appropriate vehicle selection. You can also refer to information about products, manufacturers, user reviews on the internet, especially in the advertisement or collect information and advice from sales staff of many sport †mountain bike. Also, buyers should test drive before you buy, which is also a necessity to ensure the bike to fit the driver sizes, easy to adjust and improve comfort when using.

  • Select The Size Of Bike

Choose a size suitable for your physique. You can find a cheap sport mountain bike but it will come to naught if the size is too big or that bike is too small for the driver. So choose a bike with the right size is very important. The height of the bike is not too high compared to the height from the feet to the bottom when you straddle the groin to ensure the up-down, anti legs comfortably and easily. Usually about 12 inches tall vehicles for children (0.3 m) and 26-28 inches (0,66m – 0,71m) for adults, and maybe even higher for athletes racing bicycle.

Television broadcasting in accordance with the age of children

The myths are many and really only one: to the extent that you are aware of what your child sees on television, you may find a great ally in your training and you achieve it through not only space for recreation, but also an opportunity to live and raise the fun part of you that will facilitate communication with him.

Guillermina Baena Paz, academic of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), explained that any type of entertainment technology is harmful, provided there is a close eye on what children see and accustom time spent on this: “it is normal that small pass in front of the TV two hours at most, either daily or three times a week is a reasonable time not causing harm, when it is exceeded then the conditions change and we can refer to an addiction to television.”

The key to making this functional means of entertainment, advises the specialist, you designate a short time for your child to watch TV, try to be a time when you can be at your side, to monitor what you see. Remember that a high percentage of what you learn is through you, so be careful on the type of program that will have their first contact, ensures that educational, that will leave a positive message about some aspect of life and learning, for therein lies the value of a television program.

Television broadcasting in accordance with the age of children

“It is also important that parents do not see this device in a ‘nanny’ who can keep their children quiet. They should ensure that this time becomes quality time, dialogue and rapprochement with the child. For example, parents can comment on the content of the program, what was the part you liked and make a comment, in the end only to reinforce the message of love can say ‘I really enjoyed this moment with you, it was fun and learned a lot’ This will strengthen self-esteem in children, will make you feel safe and give you a different perception of this type of entertainment, “said Dr. Guillermina Baeza.

Technology does not have to be an enemy, but a channel to help you introduce your little knowledge and raise concern for learning, but to achieve this goal you must remember that the most important pillar and firm in their education is you, so it is imperative that you take love, time and effort to their training.

What you should not forget

Television broadcasting

  1. Television should not be a substitute for your presence, or the game, or physical activity.
  2. Set a time to watch TV and do respect.
  3. Take care that the content of the programs go according to the age of your child. Avoid programs with a heavy dose of violence and bad words (even if they are cartoons)
  4. Find coloring books, reading, puzzles or board games, the favorite of your child, are other forms of entertainment to help you learn.
  5. Timeshares television with your child and be a propitious occasion to communicate.

Child’s questions about sexuality

To the extent that children know the world through television, what they hear from those around them or when they find themselves, are full of doubts but this does not indicate that they are able to think things from the perspective of a adult.

“Your questions are specific and do not need to receive more information than requested, so before giving an answer we must make sure in what context arises concern on that basis and speak with clarity and truth. This is not an event to formal or seek a special moment, we must choose the opposite, very natural. the end, we must question them about whether the explanation resolved his questions, “says the specialist.

A very common cause that gives rise to the fear of dealing with this wording is the lack of knowledge. The author argues that a high percentage of adults do not know the parts of the male or female reproductive organs, therefore are bound to give an acceptable explanation of any doubt and this causes mistrust when it comes to talk with children.

When in doubt it is best information if you are not prepared to respond openly tell your little one and suggest that either seek together to give you chance to know more about it. This action, far from being put at a disadvantage to him, creates a bond of trust and respect you.

Sexuality and values go hand in hand

There is a deep-rooted belief that talking about this issue openly at an early age, is to throw them a life of debauchery when they reach adolescence, however, to assume the responsibility to inform children without prejudice is implied also the experience values such as respect, patience, responsibility and the strength of self-esteem, which affects so kids can make sound and timely decisions about the way they live their sexuality.

Mother having discussion with son
Mother having discussion with son

The author also warns that by teaching them to do this with ease, you have to explain that not necessarily everyone else will see it the same or will agree with this type of treatment, “so the answer to an event in which inimical ideas, the ideal is to respect the different ways of thinking and customs of others. “

A nearby example is when parents share the child’s education with the grandparents and they approach it as a taboo, then the child should be prepared to resort to resolve your concerns with their parents and put in uncomfortable situations that can lead to wrong information .

Educate on trust and freedom makes small people thinking, reflective and able to decide for themselves, in their favor, reason enough to put aside the taboos and quietly take the challenge to help them discover the world around them.