Some Features to Look at on Choosing a Bottle for Breastfed Babies

It is a common knowledge that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby. Mother’s breast milk is the best nutrition food for newborn babies. After sometimes, however, the baby needs to access to other sources of nutrition, too. To do this, we need a bottle for the baby. Yet not all the bottles are the same. There are bottles that can be really difficult for a baby to drink from. The good bottles are ones that can really imitate the flow, motion or feeling like drinking from the breasts. Such a bottle will be a great assistance for a baby in switching feeding methods. You can check our list of best bottles for breastfed babies here.

If you are choosing a bottle for your baby, then you may be concerned with the question: how do I know whether the bottle is good for my baby or not? To check if the bottle can give your baby the same feeling like drinking from the breast or not, look at the following points. Bottles with these features will be very convenient for your baby.

1. The Natural Color and Texture

A wide-mouthed bottle with a unique nipple like in the picture below is a good imitation of the breast. The nipple has the natural color like the real one. For babies’ eyes, this is not much different with the mother’s nipple. Not to mention that there are textures on the nipple to mimic the feeling of a true breast. When the babies drink from this nipple, the familiar feeling will make it easier for them to consume the milk.

2. The Angle of the Bottle

Take the bottle in your hand and try to check why your baby drinks from it, what is the angle. Is it the same with the angle that you baby usually drinks form the breast? If the angle is similar, then it is good enough. But if the angle is weird (for example, it is straightly vertical), pass the bottle by. It will be pretty difficult for your baby to drink from such a new angle.

3. Check the Vent System

Check the description about the bottle’s vent system. A good bottle should be able to create a good flow of air when the baby is drinking. If it cannot do this, the nipple will probably emit gas or bubbles, creating an unpleasant experience for your baby.

4. The Ease of Getting the Milk Out

Some bottles will be very easy to drink from. It means the milk will go out easily with no effort from the baby. Yet it is not always a good thing. The point is when the baby drinks from the breast, he/ she will need to suck on the nipple to get the milk out. So the baby is familiar with these actions: sucking the milk out and then drinking the milk down. When the baby drinks from the bottle, if milk easily flows into his/ her mouth without the need to suck, he/ she may not know how to deal with this milk. And when he/ she can adjust to this, it will be difficult for the baby to come back to drink from real breast. So a good bottle should require some suction to release the milk.

5. The Temperature of the Milk

When the baby drinks from the breast, the milk is warm and comfortable. Yet not all the mothers have the luxury of time to always be able to feed their babies directly from the breast, especially after the maternity holidays. When the mother comes back to work, they will have to resolve down to pumping their milk out and keep it frozen in the fridge. What if the milk is pumped and kept in the fridge then put into the bottle for the baby to drink? It means the milk needs to be reheated. You can reheat the milk by putting it into warm water (do not use the microwave to reheat the milk). Yet if the bottle can have a build-in warmer then it would be pretty much easier. You can look for these options if your baby has to drink the pumped milk usually.

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