9 Secrets So That the Baby Does Not Get Sick in the Winter

The winter flu season is considered, therefore, keeping your baby healthy during the winter should also be noted.
  • Get out

Do not always for the baby in the house when the weather turns cold. Lack of outdoor fresh air will weaken their immune system. From there, make him susceptible. Make sure that sometimes, you and your child to get outside and enjoy the fresh air as possible.
  • Solarium cold season

Babies need vitamin D from sunlight for healthy bones. Recent research has also demonstrated that vitamin D from the sun also helps the baby maintain a healthy immune system.
And winter, there is not always a sunny day. Therefore, taking advantage of a sunny day, you should give your baby sunbathing. The ideal time for sunbathing is still early morning and late afternoon (not to be belittled because winter sun at noon, the sun is still filled with harmful ultraviolet rays). In addition, it should increase the foods that contain vitamin D for babies.
  • Consider the baby’s comfortable and pleasant

Unless the wind right out at the cold, even when at home, you should choose for your baby comfortable clothes and most pleasant. Do not forget a hat, scarf and gloves for little if the wind right out of the sky (she can take up to 50% of body heat by heat at the top). You can feel warmer than your baby if you have babies or baby stroller.
  • Keeping baby dry

Winter weather often leads to damp drizzle. Therefore, should choose for your baby jackets, waterproof hats. If rainwater contaminated baby, need to change clothes for the baby quickly. Wrapped the baby warm and then let him give her a warm drink if she had just been cold and wet.
  • Keep hands clean

Babies need to be washing your hands often, even when it’s cold. Because the hands are to contain the virus. In addition, parents and relatives in the home should also maintain handwashing with warm water and soap to prevent transmission of the virus to the baby.
  • Eating well

Infant nutrition is very important to whether any given moment, but in the winter, her body needs more vitamins. Remember to feed your baby every day with fresh vegetables and fruit, limiting fatty foods. Seasonal vegetables are better conditioned, such as cabbage, pumpkin, carrot … because they have more vitamins they need.
  • Drink enough water

Many parents only pay attention to the water for the baby mode and forget the summer, the winter, the baby also need to drink enough water. With the baby to lie fans (light) heating or air conditioning, the greater the possibility of dehydration.
  • Sleep well and relax

Their immune systems need to be rested for the best functional recovery. Fatigue will cause your child to have a higher risk of infection. Baby trying to get enough sleep, avoid watching TV before bedtime. Also, your child should have the kind of relaxation every day (or every week) as to the park, zoo, walk …
  • Dealing with feelings

If your baby has a cold light, then you probably do not need to take medicine for children. Your child should drink enough water (especially juices rich in vitamin C), the baby resting to recover soon.