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To raise awareness and educate Hispanic women and their families about heart disease and risk factors, Discovery Family and his hostess Jeannette Torres, created the campaign “Listen to your heart,” which includes special programming, a micro site with valuable information on the subject and a special collaboration with The Heart Truth, a national campaign on women and heart disease.

As an ambassador of the channel and on behalf of Hispanic women, Jeannette has been invited to participate in the Red Dress fashion show, along with a large group of celebrities joined by the same cause.

See our interview with Jeannette regarding this opportunity and heart health:

Why did you decide to participate in this initiative?

participate in this initiative

I feel very proud and happy to be part of the parade of “Red Dress”. I’m participating because I want to convey the message to Hispanic women that heart disease is the # 1 cause of death among women, but also can be prevented and we can avoid them if we take action. The issue affects me very closely since my father recently suffered a heart condition and I want people to understand how important it is to talk to your doctor and keep under control the risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and overweight.

What is the Family Discovery association with The Heart Truth?

Discovery Familia is a channel that listens to its audience and features on your screen the topics that interest and that it was relevant. Our channel and The Heart Truth, this time, share the same goal, which is to educate women about heart disease and risk factors.

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This is a mom whose sole joy is in the house she manages and the provision of unwavering care and love to her family. She works hard at home and is always at the ready to drop everyone off at the shout of her name. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen, whipping up home style favorites, sorting your dirty laundry, washing dishes and getting down on her knees to scrub the bathroom. She has very little time for herself and her chance to pamper herself comes in an extra five minutes of shut eye in the morning. This mom would love something luxurious and out of the house. Something where she is catered to. A spa day or even an opulent bath set will send her reeling.


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participate in this initiative 1

A child of five years only found dozens of bags of heroin inside a jacket he had brought to school and showed them to their peers in kindergarten, reported Tuesday a school superintendent.

Bridgeport Superintendent Paul Vallas said he believed the boy on Monday took her stepfather’s jacket to school without knowing that the drugs were inside. “Children bring to school they find at home,” he said.

Police told the Connecticut Post that the child exhibited 50 packets of heroin when it was time for a school presentation, but Vallas said the boy only shook his heroin near his place in the class. Police did not respond to messages seeking comment Tuesday.

The boy’s stepfather, Roman Santos, 35 years old, went to school and recovered the jacket, but police had already seized the drugs, authorities said. He was arrested when he returned to school after apparently discovered that heroin had disappeared, Vallas said.

Roman authorities arrested on charges of risk of injury to a minor and other related drugs. The man appeared Tuesday in Bridgeport Superior Court and was ordered held on bail of $ 100,000. Was unavailable for comment from jail, and had listed a phone number from home.

The Child and Family Department put the little under the custody of his grandmother, despite her mother went to school to take home, Vallas said.

He praised the reaction of the teacher who discovered the drug, worth about $ 500 on the street, and others involved in the response.

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