Child’s questions about sexuality

To the extent that children know the world through television, what they hear from those around them or when they find themselves, are full of doubts but this does not indicate that they are able to think things from the perspective of a adult.

“Your questions are specific and do not need to receive more information than requested, so before giving an answer we must make sure in what context arises concern on that basis and speak with clarity and truth. This is not an event to formal or seek a special moment, we must choose the opposite, very natural. the end, we must question them about whether the explanation resolved his questions, “says the specialist.

A very common cause that gives rise to the fear of dealing with this wording is the lack of knowledge. The author argues that a high percentage of adults do not know the parts of the male or female reproductive organs, therefore are bound to give an acceptable explanation of any doubt and this causes mistrust when it comes to talk with children.

When in doubt it is best information if you are not prepared to respond openly tell your little one and suggest that either seek together to give you chance to know more about it. This action, far from being put at a disadvantage to him, creates a bond of trust and respect you.

Sexuality and values go hand in hand

There is a deep-rooted belief that talking about this issue openly at an early age, is to throw them a life of debauchery when they reach adolescence, however, to assume the responsibility to inform children without prejudice is implied also the experience values such as respect, patience, responsibility and the strength of self-esteem, which affects so kids can make sound and timely decisions about the way they live their sexuality.

Mother having discussion with son
Mother having discussion with son

The author also warns that by teaching them to do this with ease, you have to explain that not necessarily everyone else will see it the same or will agree with this type of treatment, “so the answer to an event in which inimical ideas, the ideal is to respect the different ways of thinking and customs of others. “

A nearby example is when parents share the child’s education with the grandparents and they approach it as a taboo, then the child should be prepared to resort to resolve your concerns with their parents and put in uncomfortable situations that can lead to wrong information .

Educate on trust and freedom makes small people thinking, reflective and able to decide for themselves, in their favor, reason enough to put aside the taboos and quietly take the challenge to help them discover the world around them.


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